Zurich Forensic Science Institute

Gathering & Collection

The scene of the crime or other event is often the most important or only source for finding and securing physical or transient evidence.

The Zurich Forensic Science Institute may be dispatched at any hour of the day or night to collect evidence. Whether in residential homes or industrial facilities, on the open street or in tunnels, in the mountains or on the water: thanks to professional equipment and associates with a broad range of training, the forensic analysis can begin right on the spot.

In order to find the (right) evidence, expert training along with experience, creative thinking, imagination, and the ability to put two and two together are all important prerequisites.

The collection of the various evidence types is carried out following photographic documentation of the scene, which may include the use of video cameras or scanners. In order to maintain evidence viability for analysis, everything needs to be clearly labelled, collected in a professional manner, and packed and transported with care.