Zurich Forensic Science Institute

Federal Point of Contact

Zurich Explosives Disposal Service

The explosives disposal experts of the Zurich Explosive Disposal Service (FOR-ZED) are on call for the cantons around the clock as the Eastern Division Bomb Squad to safely dispose of improvised explosive devices (IED) and objects suspected of being IEDs.

In the case of events that fall under federal law (especially crimes involving explosives), the FOR collects and analyses evidence at the scene anywhere in Switzerland under the orders of federal agencies.

As the national Bomb Data Centre, FOR-ZED stands in direct contact with international partner organisations.


Centre for the Analysis of Ballistic Evidence

The FOR maintains the Centre for the Analysis of Ballistic Evidence (ZSAS) under the direction of the Swiss Police Chiefs Association (KKPKS).

The ZSAS collects and compares ballistic evidence from unsolved crimes involving firearms in any canton and communicates with other countries regarding such cases when necessary.

Further, the ZSAS assists with collecting evidence at the scene around the country when firearms are involved. These tasks include, among other things:

  • Reconstruction of bullet trajectories (3D reconstruction)
  • Determination of the distance from which a shot was fired by means of 3D reconstruction or gunshot residues
  • Analysis and assessment of weapons for their safety of use
  • Analysis of marks left by incapacitation devices (e.g. Tasers ®)


Explosives and Pyrotechnics

Under the direction of the Central Office for Explosives and Pyrotechnics (ZSP), a division of the Federal Office of Police (fedpol), the experts from the Analytics/Explosives and Pyrotechnics teams are responsible for the technical inspection of all explosives and pyrotechnical devices destined for sale in Switzerland.

Reference centre for designer drugs-NPS


The reference centre for designer drugs-NPS (New Psychoactive Substances) examines legal and illegal narcotics which are available on the market. The centre provides analysis, information, and coordination by order of the federal government.

Central Office for Anti-Theft Dyes

anti-theft dyes

The FOR analyses anti-theft dyes and compares unsolved national and international cases involving paper money stained during the commission of a crime.

Identity Documents

The FOR is responsible for quality control of existing identity documents (passports, visas, etc.) and is represented on various committees working on the development of new identity documents. The FOR subjects such documents to thorough testing for their durability.

Tachograph Charts

The Accident Investigation Unit has provided microscopic evaluations of tachograph charts since 1968 under the direction of the FDJP (Federal Department of Justice and Police).