Zurich Forensic Science Institute


How Can I Become a Forensic Investigator?

Forensic superheroes as seen on CSI series on television or in detective novels – masters of every speciality of forensic technology, forensic science, and forensic medicine – do not exist in our organisation.

At the Zurich Forensic Science Institute, we employ highly educated specialists from a wide spectrum of professional backgrounds. The forensic investigator is not an entry-level job. There are two ways to get a job in the field of forensics: either through a police career or as a mid-career change from another field.

Police career: Graduation from the police academy, accrual of experience as a police officer, internal transfer within the police department to forensic services, continuing specialist training, for example at the Swiss Police Institute (SPI).

Civilian career-changers: For tasks requiring specific expertise such as laboratory analysis or logging information for identification services, associates are employed with relevant training and job experience (e.g. laboratory assistant or security personnel). Experts with backgrounds in academia typically come from the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, or have studied criminalistics at the University of Lausanne.