Zurich Forensic Science Institute

Quality Assurance

Quality Management

The Zurich Forensic Science Institute operates three accredited testing laboratories STS and one accredited inspection body SIS.

Quality Manager: Christoph Schmied

Accredited testing laboratories (SN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005)

STS 0473
Testing laboratory for chemical, physical, technical forensic analysis

STS 0551
Testing laboratory for forensic comparative analysis

Accredited inspection centre (SN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012)

SIS 0137
Inspection body (type C) for securing of evidence and forensic document analysis in the fields of handwriting and technical material analysis

Forensic Sampling of Evidence & Analysis

The Zurich Forensic Science Institute fulfils the requirements of accreditation norms regarding quality and expertise both promptly and competently. The Zurich Forensic Science Institute promotes the continual process of quality improvement.

Accredited Analyses

  • Qualitative and quantitative narcotics analysis
  • Qualitative analysis of fire debris samples and fluids
  • Qualitative analysis of unknown substance samples
  • Analysis of microtraces
  • Physical analysis
  • Forensic analysis of explosives and testing of materials and constructions designed to prevent attacks
  • Collection of evidence at the scene from people and objects
  • Handwriting comparison
  • Analysis of identification documents
  • Analysis of printing techniques
  • Physical and technical analysis and pre-analysis of documents and written materials
  • Ink analysis
  • Analysis of line crossings