What we do

Creating safety and security forms part of the central and classical task of a state. Our canton also certainly has some financial constraints when it comes to security. But we want to do our best.

Only a few topics trigger such a controversial debate as social- and foreigners' policies. For us, it is a matter of course to be committed to respect of the law. Fairness is our yardstick where the law offers us scope for action and development opportunities. And we are talking fairness concerning both sides: fairness in respect of the beneficiary of social welfare as well as for the taxpayer who pays for social welfare in the final analysis. Fairness for asylum seekers as well as for our population hosting asylum seekers.

Sports are of great importance to us. In our hectic, demanding times, sports offer an ideal and healthy balance to work. At the same time, sports are a means to bring together the most diverse sectors of the community. In terms of fairness, sports also play a major role in the field of integration into society for different population groups.